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True Alloy Enduro/Trail Wheel

The Ultimative Alloy Trail Whhel with gread price Value !


This very robust Wheelset with 30mm innerwith rim is perfect for every Trail- or Enduro Bike

This High End Alooy Rims combined with High End DT Swiss Aerolite Spokes and DT 350 Hubs is one of the top combinations to reach the same behavior and performance like much more expensive High End Wheels. The most competitors saving money with cheaper spokes, for us a nogo. With the DT 350 Hub you habve only a few gramms more like the 240´s but the same main technical topics. The weight we can compensate with the lighter (and better) spokes.




The Truebc DRC Trail Alloy Rim with 30mm innerwith, super robust and perfect for Tires with a With of 2,25-2,5"

This Rim is used from different Teams in the EWS, because of the robust design.This helps the riders to finish the race without damaged Wheels aor Timepenaltys for changed Wheels.

Made from 6082 T6 Aluminum in Italy.


Asymetric Design and the posibility of a high Spoketension makes a strong Wheelset.



The DT Swiss 350 Hubs are currenly underrated. The same main technical topics like the common 240 Hubs, only a few gramms more that we can compensate with the higher Quality of Spokes.




Ratched (Toothring) Freehub, always full engagement of all teeth instead of the situation with pawl Systems you have themost time only 30% of the pawls propper engaged. This provide always the full engagement and minimize harmful forces in the hub.


Big Bearings:


A common way in the Industrie is to use small Bearings on Hubs. Unfortunately they are not strong enough to have a long live in a hub. The DT350 don´t follw this way and take big 6903 Bearings, that should give a long smooth live of the Bearings.


 The Hubs are prduced in Poland/Europe!




DT Swiss Aerolite, one of the spokes with the highest tensile strenght on the market and still one of the lightest steel spokes. Aditional is the spoke flat forged for a aerodynamic design.


 The Dt Aerolite Spoke is produced in Swizerland (Europe)!


 Perfect Trail Wheelset, from Trail to Enduro use an optimal Wheel for the most people! For sure as well perfect for E-Bike Use!


27,5",  28 Spokes, Weight ca. 1790gramm

27,5",  32 Spokes, Weight ca. 1830gramm


29",  28 Spokes, Weight ca. 1900gramm

29",  32 Spokes, Weight ca. 1940gramm


All Parts made in Europe!


Rims: Italy

Hubs: Poland

Spokes: Swizerland

True Alloy Enduro/Trail Wheel

Several Combinations and options are available, Superboost, Lefty, Mullet and also any Custom options of hubs. Please get in touch with me.

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