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Ich möchte in deutscher Sprache Lesen

True Carbon Gravel Wheel

Carbon Gravel Wheel from own production made in Germany!!


The next inhouse developement, for sure produced in the own production!

Big Goals for this products are similar to the MTB Products, performance, damping abilities and weight,, but maybe the feedback of thefirst riders exlain better. One was at the Gravel Worldchampionships, directly with the new rims, one on a few 1000km backpacking Tour, another at different Gravel races and podiums in france:

- "Stiff like a full carbon wheel from a competitor, but with comfort"

- "much more precision with the Tire about the large innerwith"

- "feels like a good aerodynamic behavior"

- "light, precise, komfortable"

- "very low Tieepressure possible"


This are the uniue features of this Wheels:

  • Developement , testing and production in Germany
  • Damping behavior of the Material and the Layup, like our MTB Rims
  • rounded Flanges on The rim, without any edges prevent "cuts in the Sidewall of Tires"
  • Laminated and not drilled Spokeholes. At the laminating process we stick round inserts between the Fibers, so you haven´t cutted any Fibers and can apply located reinforements for the Spokeholes. This makes this Area much stronger (not longer cracks in this area) and a perfect surface for the nipple. We use on the Driveside around 1300N Spoketension. d
  • handbuildet Wheelsets, much more precise and more equal spoketension make the wheel much more long lasting



DT Swiss Aerolite, one of the spokes with the highest tensile strenght on the market and still one of the lightest steel spokes. Aditional is the spoke flat forged for a aerodynamic design.

24 Spokes Front and Rear!


The Dt Aerolite Spoke is produced in Swizerland (Europe)!


Perfect Gravel wheelset for Tires from32-54mm


All Parts produced in Europe:


Rims: Germany

Spokes: Swizerland



 Soul Kozak Hubs are made in Poland with a very High End finish and really precise machining.

With really big Bearings and a Steel made Ratched and Freehubbody its a long lasting product with not much maintainance needed.


Weight approx. 1320gramm


True Carbon Gravel Wheelset

This wheelset is available in28", 100x12 and 142x12 Axles.

Freehub Shimano 11SRoad or Sram XDR

Attention, onli 6 Hole Discbrake standard!

2.099,00 €

  • 1,32 kg
  • verfügbar
  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit

Huboption DT 350


The DT Swiss 350 Hubs are currenly underrated. The same main technical topics like the common 240 Hubs, only a few gramms more that we can compensate with the higher Quality of Spoke.

Ratched (Toothring) Freehub, always full engagement of all teeth instead of the situation with pawl Systems.


 Big Bearings:

A common way in the Industrie is to use small Bearings on Hubs. Unfortunately they are not strong enough to have a long live in a hub. The DT350 don´t follw this way and take big 6903 Bearings, that should give a long smooth live of the Bearings.


 The Hubs are prduced in Poland/Europe!


  Weight approx. 1370gramm


True Carbon Gravel Wheel Huboption DT 350

This wheelset is available in 28"

Freehub Shimano 11, Sram XDR, or Campa N3W (EKAR 13S)

Brakedisc Mount Centerlock

1.999,00 €

  • 1,37 kg
  • verfügbar
  • 5-10 Tage Lieferzeit

Huboption Soul Kozak Straightpull


As written in first description, Soul Kozak are very precise madse Hubs from Poland, here with the Straighpuill Version, that save some weight and alows to use straightpull Spokes without bending.

The Same big Bearings , Steel Ratched and Freehub Body like the Flange version.



 Weight approx. 1260gramm


True Carbon Gravel Wheel Huboption Soul Kozak Straightpull

This Wheelset is available in 28" with 100x12/142x12 Axles

Freehub option: Shimano 11S and Sram XDR

Brake Disc Mounting options centerlock and 6 bolt

2.299,00 €

  • 1,26 kg
  • verfügbar
  • 5-10 Tage Lieferzeit

Huboption DT 240

 I guess this is the No brainer Hub that everyone knows, DT at its best , light durable, with Sparepart avaibility nearly everywhere in the World


  Weight approx. 1270 gramm (straightpull)

                              1300 gramm (classic)


True Carbon Gravel Wheel Huboption DT 240

This Wheelset is available in 28" , 100x12/142x12 Axles.

Freehub option : Sram XDR, Shimano 11S, Campa N3W 13S

2.199,00 €

  • 1,27 kg
  • verfügbar
  • 14 - 21 Tage Lieferzeit