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True Carbon Trail Ultimate Wheel

Carbon Trail Wheel from own production made in Germany!!



A 32mm Carbon Rim that is robust, lightweight and the most important topic at the developement was to have no "liveless" and "overly stiff" behavior of it. perfect for Tires in a range of 2,25-2,8" with.


Primary we would like to build a robust Wheelset, but it should could feel as well a certain dynamic behavior of it. We don´t want to achieve the impact strenght only with adding material with the comon result of a "liveless brick" behavior. After several Test on a special developed Testmachine and as well a lot of Testrides , we could fount the best combination of stiffness (for precise riding)and damping (for better controll and cushioness)


This are the uniue features of this Wheels:

  • Developement , testing and production in Germany
  • Damping behavior of the Material and the Layup. On our Testmashine we found out, if we simulate an Impact with 23 Joule, we have resulted on our True Carbon Trail Rim 2000N unlike on an comon Asian made rim 3000N.
  • rounded Flanges on The rim, without any edges prevent "cuts in the Sidewall of Tires"
  • Laminated and not drilled Spokeholes. At the laminating process we stick round inserts between the Fibers, so you haven´t cutted any Fibers and can apply located reinforements for the Spokeholes. This makes this Area much stronger (not longer cracks in this area) and a perfect surface for the nipple. We use on the Driveside around 1300N Spoketension. d
  • handbuildet Wheelsets, much more precise and more equal spoketension make the wheel much more long lasting



The Extralite Hyper Hubs are one of the lightest Hubsets on the market, bus as well in my opinion one of the best ingeneered and also realy robust and much more long lasting like other much havier models.


Features of the Hubs:


Ratched (Toothring) Freehub, always full engagement of all teeth instead of the situation with pawl Systems you have themost time only 30% of the pawls propper engaged. This provide always the full engagement and minimize harmful forces in the hub.


Big Bearings:


On the most loaded Areas, Extralite use still large Bearings in the Hubshell which results in long livety and smooth rolling Wheels.


The Extralite Hubs are produced in Italy (Europe)!



Berd Spokes! Prduced In USA, make a huge weight saveing possible without loosing performance insted an high Quality steel Spoke. Only the building process needs much more care and time, 7-8 hours for a wheelset spreaded over around 10 days is needed to have a perfect builded Wheel


Here is an small exeption, the Spokes are made in USA but with this advantage is it acceptable to break the rules:-) All other parts made in Europe.


The Ultimate Wheelset from XC to Extrem Trailriding!!


Weght  27,5" around. 1285gramm

                29" around. 1295gramm




Rims: Germany

Hubs: Italy

Spokes: USA


True Carbon Trail Ultimate Wheel

Different Variants available, Combinations Boost/ Non Boost, Superboost, Mullet option 29/27,5" Mix or different custom solutions possible, plese get in touch with me...

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