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True Carbon XC Ultimate Wheel

The Ultimate XC Racing Wheelset for Weightweenies below 950 gramm!!


The Turbo for the Hill! Probaly the lightes available serial Wheelset you can get on the market. Still serious and stiff like other much heavier Whelsets dont reach. Realy for MTB use.

Weight (could be variable in small magins because of tolerannces of each part) = 944 Gramm  (with black spokes)

The Measured weight is without Tubelesstape (around 7g of each) =958 Gramm ready to mount.




The Truebc Carbon Light Rim made by Bike Ahead with 24mm innerwith is a modern lightweight rim carefully made in Germany. Incredible Light (around 265gramm) but still stiff and useable for Real MTB Riding




The Extralite Hyper Hubs are one of the lightest Hubsets on the market, bus as well in my opinion one of the best ingeneered and also realy robust and much more long lasting like other much havier models.


Features of the Hubs:


Ratched (Toothring) Freehub, always full engagement of all teeth instead of the situation with pawl Systems you have themost time only 30% of the pawls propper engaged. This provide always the full engagement and minimize harmful forces in the hub.


Big Bearings:


On the most loaded Areas, Extralite use still large Bearings in the Hubshell which results in long livety and smooth rolling Wheels.


 The Extralite Hubs are produced in Italy (Europe)!




Berd Spokes! Prduced In USA, make a huge weight saveing possible without loosing performance insted an high Quality steel Spoke. Only the building process needs much more care and time, 7-8 hours for a wheelset spreaded over around 10 days is needed to have a perfect builded Wheel



Here is an small exeption, the Spokes are made in USA but with this advantage is it acceptable to break the rules:-) All other parts made in Europe.


Riderweight: max. 95kg



Rims Germany

Hubs: Italy

Spokes: USA


True Ultimate carbon XC Racing Wheel

The Ultimative Lightweight XC Racing Wheelset below 950 gramm!!


More different options or combinations possible, please get in Touch with me...

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