Here you get the wheels specialy made for you , your usage and Ridingstyle!

Starting at the Layup for the Rims, surface, Spokes and hubs to finaly special reinforcements like fixed Spoke crossings.

The Own Production in Germany reaches outstanding riding performance!

Carbon Wheels from Own Production in Germany:

Alloy Wheels Made in Europe:

Why Truebc or the difference to the most Competitors:


  • Own construction, design, producing and assembly from one Hand Use the perfect performance of  ingredients  material,  shape, production process insted of the industry standard (designing and cconstruction first after this the product will be provided to the production company).
  • Way less impact on environment and human health:
  1. Source of the raw material (Prepregs) from Europe
  2. Local producing of the molds (less than 50km ), no shipping stuff around the globe
  3. Production/Wheelassembly inhouse, the only shipping distance is the one to the customer
  4. No Toxic Resin Material insted of the most used materials in Asia
  5. European health, safety and disposal regulations
  • The rims will be produced for your order in the layup/surface you like and need. So you have always the newest version of the product and do not receive any old stock or technical versions
  • You help the german and european industry