True Carbon Road Rims/Wheels

The New Generation of Road Rims!!

we would include our Experiance of the MTB and Gravel products in the Road Rims, Wide innerwith ans comfortable and compliant Ride where here the most considered Topics.


The outcome was the perfect rims compared with the new Generation of wider Tires! The 23mm innerwith supports the Tire perfectly, alows  to reduce the Tirepressure with a perfect precisely steering handling.


  • 23mm Innerwith
  • 37 and 50mm height available
  • around 335g/37mm and 445g/50mm
  • Hookeless!
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Perfect support for Tirewith 27mm and bigger
  • Hookeless compatible Tires are requested
  • Max 5Bar Tirepressure!
  • Laminated Spokeholes Improve the Damping performance and allows veryhHigh Spoketension

The Hookeless 23mm innerwith with the special canal shape makes Tubeless work easy and allows perfect comfort and controll with Tire pressure ranges of 4-4,5Bar! you will have much increased comfort and also more controll and Safety in corners. Also the rolling speed is higher with lover pressure, specialy on not perfect surfaced roads!

True Carbon Road 37mm

Lightweigt Rim for allround use and Hillcclimbs


  • around 335g
  • 23mm innerwith
  • Lightweight and Fast


True Carbon Road 50mm

Perfect fit for more aerodynamic Frames , still Lightweight


  • around 445g
  • 23mm innerwith
  • Aero Profile but still light enough for Hillclimbs