True Carbon Gravel Rims and Wheels

Carbon Gravel Wheel from own production made in Germany!


The next inhouse developement, for sure produced in the own production!

Big goals for this products were similar to the MTB products, Performance, damping abilities and weight,, but maybe the feedback of thefirst riders exlain it better. One went  with his new rims directly to the Gravel Worldchampionships, One did a few 1000km backpacking tour, and another guy did several different gravel races and got on the podium in france:

- "Stiff like a full carbon wheel from a competitor, but with comfort"

- "much more precision with the tire because of the large innerwith"

- "feels like a good aerodynamic behavior"

- "light, precise, komfortable"

- "very low tieepressure possible"




  • Rimweight around 365g
  • 25mm innerwith
  • 37mm height


This are the unique features of this wheels:

  • Development , testing and production in Germany
  • Damping behavior of the material and the layup, like our MTB rims
  • rounded flanges on the rim, without any edges prevent "cuts in the sidewall of tires"
  • Laminated and not drilled Spokeholes. At the laminating process we stick round inserts between the fibers, so you don´t have to cutt any fibers and can apply located reinforements for the spokeholes. This makes this Area much stronger (not longer cracks in this area) and a perfect surface for the nipple. We recommend around 1300N spoketension on the driveside.
  • handbuilt wheelsets, with precise and more equal spoketension which make the wheel much more long lasting