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Ich möchte in deutscher Sprache Lesen

True Carbon Ultimate Wheels

Die Ultimative Performance, perfect balance of weight and performance with textilspokes

True Carbon Ultimate Wheels:


 As you can emagine about the name, we could find here the ultimate combination of the highest level of Weight, stiffness and Damping/Cushioness!


Since many many Years are Sokes allways made from steel, they have still verry good behaviors for this responibility , but the diadvantage is for sure the Weight!


With the textil Spokes of the brand Berdspokes® we could make huge stepp in case of weight saving and Cushiness. the maximum tensile strenght is above the most steelspokes on  the market.


The pure performance of this spokes are unbeatable. But to have this great results, we need to be very carefully at the building process. we need around 7-8 hours building time spreaded over 10 days. The Textil spoke have to recover the tension several times and the connection to the hub have to set in a while.


Aditional is the production of the spokes much more complex and costly, resulted in a price of 8€ per piece.