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Ich möchte in deutscher Sprache Lesen

True Carbon Wheels


Carbon Trail Wheels made in own production based in Germany!!


This is our own developement started from own scetches. Therfore we installed a production in Germany as well.

 Based on the contol from the very beginning we have been able to improve the current standards on the market in several topics.We haven´t had to follow any rules or processes of a supplier or producer.


We wanted to have a 32mm Carbon Rim that`s robust but also not that heavy. The most important topic is a lively behavior of riding. Perfect for Tires in the range of 2,25 til 2,8". 


We would like to avoid that overly stiff feeling of some Carbon Rims and like to have a dynamic feeling of the wheel. A huge topic was how we could achive to have enough cushioness and damping. Special for this approach we built a testmachine with special measurement to measure the energie of Impact. For sure a lot of testrides have been also important to reach out the perfect material and layup for the rims.


At the end we probably found one of the best combinations of stiffness, damping, precise steering and forgiveness.


Following there are the unique points of this wheels:

  • Developement, testing and production made in Germany
  • Damping and cushioness behavior of the material. We could measure on our testmachine with a common asian made carbon rim around 3000N with an energy of 23 Joule, The True Trail Rim resulted in around 2000N.
  • Round rim flanges avoid cutted tires.
  • The holes for the spokes/nipples  are laminated, not drilled like the most carbon rims on the market. No cutting of the fiber makes the holes much stronger. This allows us a spoke tension around 1300N on the driveside.
  • Handbuilded wheelsets, much more accurate like machine builded wheelsets



Here you can find the different versions: